Art in Nature Festival

The Art in Nature Festival is an interdisciplinary, interactive, site‑specific immersion into art and nature sparking the spontaneous artistic co‑creation of thousands of festival participants and 200+ professional artists featuring music, dance, sculpture, painting, martial arts, poetry, body painting, circus arts, theater, visual arts, storytelling, arts & crafts, and kids events. It is free, produced by Samavesha, and takes place every Fall in the Redwood Regional Forest of Oakland, California.

Cave Concerts

The Cave Concerts are a series of concerts performed at Hawk Hill Tunnel. The tunnel is located in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), part of the Marin Headlands, on a bluff overlooking the Golden Gate, with breath-taking views of San Francisco and the pacific ocean. The Tunnel itself offers incredible resonance and is sealed off on one end by the event crew and transformed into a Cave.

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Community Programs

Our community program advance the Samavesha mission by bringing art into the lives of a diverse public. The programs are sited at schools, camps, health care facilities, community centers, parks, hospitals, and festivals, engaging the public with an array of Samavesha artists and collaborators.


Samavesha engages local and international artists in collaborative and experientially-based events showcasing all forms of artistic expression. Samavesha’s events strengthen our connection with the natural world and each other, and inspire environmental action. Samavesha is dedicated to creating financially accessible, interactive, educational, and fully immersive artistic experiences for the public.

Rose Labyrinth

Rose Labyrinth is a beautiful, sonic room, with a sacred labyrinth painted on the floor located in the center of the Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto. Site of some of our production, Rose Labyrinth hosts live concerts, dance performances, workshops, and many more art events.

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