Samavesha aims to bring people back into their essence through the medium of creativity.

Samavesha aims to produce events in which the boundaries between performer and audience melt away to reveal immersion and deeper connection for all those in attendance.

Focused on building community through creative collective actions, Samavesha produces three big annual projects: the Cave Concert series in the Marin Headlands; the Art in Nature ~ The Nature of Art Festival in Redwood Regional Park, Oakland; and, in collaboration with Zach Pine, the Create-With-Nature Earth Day Celebration at Stinson Beach.

In addition, Samavesha produces a Rose Labyrinth concerts series in Berkeley, a Community Program, a Fertile Art Conversation blog, workshops, and various house concerts and site specific performances.

Art in Nature Festival

The Art in Nature Festival is an interdisciplinary, interactive, site‑specific immersion into art and nature.
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Cave Concerts

The Cave Concerts are a series of concerts performed at Hawk Hill Tunnel, located in the Marin Headlands, on a bluff overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.
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Rose Labyrinth Series

The Rose Labyrinth is a beautiful, sonic room, with a sacred labyrinth painted on the floor located in the center of the Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto.
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Community Program

The Community Program is sited at schools, camps, health care facilities, community centers, parks, hospitals, and festivals.
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Samavesha engages local and international artists in collaborative and experientially-based events showcasing all forms of artistic expression. Samavesha’s events strengthen our connection with the natural world and each other, and inspire environmental action. Samavesha is dedicated to creating financially accessible, interactive, educational, and fully immersive artistic experiences for the public.