Art in Nature Festival

Samavesha presents

Art in Nature ~ The Nature of Art
A Multidisciplinary Arts Festival

Sunday September 21, 2014 from 11am to 5pm
Admission and transportation are FREE

Stream Trail of Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, California

in partnership with Regional Parks Foundation and Kaiser Permanente

The best way to get to the Festival is by using the free Shuttle Busses at Merritt College, where we have reserved for you Parking Lot C, D, and E. The Shuttle Busses take you directly to the entrance of the Festival and the ride is only 10 minutes. For detailed info please visit the GETTING THERE page.

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20120923_AIN_2012_1117Stroll along the mile-long Stream Trail, experience art in nature, and delve into the nature of art throughout 12 theme areas featuring music, dance, sculpture, painting, martial arts, poetry, body painting, circus arts, theater, visual arts, storytelling, arts & crafts, kids activities and more. 

Art in Nature ~ The Nature of Art is an interdisciplinary, interactive, site‑specific immersion into art and nature and the beauty of creating. It invites the spontaneous artistic co‑creation of festival participants and 200+ professional artists.

Check out the Program and the Map

20120923_AIN_2012_1238The festival title reflects two distinct aims:
Art in Nature: different expressions of art exposed and performed in nature.
The Nature of Art: revealing the artists’ processes, techniques, and tools.

The festival is guided by the principle that all art forms originate from a universal human characteristic—creativity. This event conveys this universality by revealing the creative process that permeates many art forms, and also by giving festival attendees access to their own creativity through many participatory activities and performances.

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THIS YEAR WE HAVE A MUSEUM ART STORE - Unique creations by Art in Nature artists. Admire and support the artists involved in the event by visiting the store at the beginning of the trail.  Cash and checks are strongly preferred.

There are many opportunities for volunteering at the festival. Being a volunteer is an artistic experience in itself, and gives the opportunity to join our vibrant Crew of organizers and artists.

We invite you to donate to help us cover our unmet costs for this year’s event. Visit our donate page for an explanation of benefits offered. The involvement and support of the community is essential to the sustainability of the event.

Samavesha’sart-in-nature-festival-featured mission for the Art in Nature Festival is: to utilize the power of nature and art to bring people closer together, to draw out our shared innate creativity, to provide a model for collaborative and innovative action, and to inspire future generations. We are optimistic that social, economic, and environmental challenges are surmountable through creative collective action. By providing a free festival, we reduce financial barriers and inspire people to be sustainable by using the power of collaboration and generosity. The festival is wheelchair accessible, bike and dog friendly (no dogs allowed on the shuttles), and non-commercial. There will be an Art Museum Store showcasing the creations of the artists but no vendors. Pack a snack. Join us for an immersion into art and nature surrounded by remarkable people and artists.

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