Art in Nature is a full day interdisciplinary, interactive, site-specific, multi-sensory, intercultural, and intergenerational immersion into art, nature, and the nature of art. It takes place annually along the mile-long Stream Trail of Oaklandʼs Redwood Regional Park, California.

The event is FREE, unplugged (acoustic) and off the grid (no electricity or cell phone coverage).

Art in Nature seeks:

  • To make world-class arts and nature accessible to all
  • To awaken and express personal creativity
  • To foster collaborative synergy
  • To encourage diverse and resilient communities
  • To connect people with nature and inspire environmental awareness

The event includes the participation of over two hundred local art organizations and artists. These selected groups and individuals perform or present pieces of art and experiences focused on encouraging public participation in the arts. The goal is for audiences to play a role in what is being created, whether by enhanced engagement, co-creation, or audience-as-artist participation.


The arts represented at the event are multi-disciplinary, covering a large range of expressions: painting, sculpture, music, dance, martial arts, theater, musical theater, circus arts, poetry, ritual, folk and traditional arts, crafts, literature, opera, storytelling, puppet shows, visual arts, and more.

Art in Nature introduces people to the beauty of Oakland’s Redwood Regional Park. The event promotes public awareness about the clear linkage between individual and community health, arts and creativity, and accessible parks.

Samavesha offers a rich and successful history of presenting this program since 2010. Art In Nature is the fruition of the ongoing collaboration between Samavesha, the East Bay Regional Park District, the Regional Parks Foundation, an accomplished Artistic Director, a seasoned artistic production team, and an extensive community of artists and volunteers cultivated throughout the years.

Samavesha would not exist without the generous support of individual donors. We invite you to send what you can afford as a tax-deductible investment in the future of bringing art to more lives. No gift is too small but a big contribution! Please visit the Support page.