Art Companies 2015

ATHLETIC PLAYGROUND crew of monkeys will be hooping, slacklining, and acro-yogaing and showing passerbys how to do the same! Anyone of all ages is invited to come and play, to step off the path and into a safe and playful movement where anyone who participates is encouraged to try things out and have a good time. A trained crew of humonkeys will be giving short demonstrations and hands-on lessons in either hula-hooping, slacklining, or acroyoga. Adults, kids, youngsters and elders will all be guided into safely and playfully trying out one or more of these 3 disciplines. Our AP crew will model how to have fun while upping your level of overall physical ability and somatic intelligence, which is our form of art here @ AP. For more info, please visit

CHABOT SPACE & SCIENCE CENTER is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit interactive science center whose mission is to inspire and educate students of all ages about Planet Earth and the Universe. Located in the Oakland hills, the Center focuses on the earth, life, physical and astronomical sciences, with a 130-year legacy of serving Bay Area communities through exhibits, public programs, school field trips, science camps, teacher training, teen development programs and community outreach; hosts 50,000 students on school field trips and over 117,000 public visitors each year; and offers over 20,000 sq ft of interactive exhibits on a variety of space and science subjects, a world-class planetarium, school classes on over 30 different science topics, hands-on science activities, state-of-the-art classrooms and labs and publicly-available research-level telescopes. For more info, please visit

dandelionDANDELION DANCETHEATER is situated at the crossroads of dance, theater, music, community activism, healing, and new performance forms. The company is committed to the individual and intersecting artistic visions of Kimiko Guthrie and Eric Kupers. Our work is built from a fascination with interdisciplinary experimentation, in-depth collaboration, vulnerability, risk-taking, and the truths that come from looking at the world from an “outsider” perspective. We view the exploration of the endless possibilities of the human body as a potent means for personal and collective growth and share this exploration with diverse populations through performance, teaching, speaking, community events, video, and writing. As an organization, Dandelion Dancetheater is a launching pad and creative home for several ongoing, in-depth projects. Most projects involve multiple branches of Dandelion, and so stretch across categories. More info:
cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-butoh-earth-child-1024x52711-e1363928591790EARTH CHILD BUTOH. Earth Child:The body made out same material of our Earth. A light thread through the body from the center of the Earth toward to outer space. A flower starts blooming on your chest. By the fragrance of the flower, you wake up. on your innocent eyes, things are reflecting as your own self. The Story of Earthchild project began as 3 male Butoh dancers Ronny Baker, Luku Netherthot & Armando Davila sprouted here at Subterranean Arthouse in 2008 under the school of TAMANO-HIJIKATA Butoh method. Since their first Butoh project years ago these 3 young dancers have studied hard by competing with each other. Competing into collaboration the next project has been born. For ore info, please visit

ECOLOGICAL EXPRESSIVE ARTS ORGANIZATION invites you to join us in our workshop, Ecological Awareness through the Arts, to gather together in an intimate group collective ritual where participants will have individual time to connect and commune with nature. There will be time to then express your experiences through Expressive Arts and share your experience with others in a sacred circle. Groups are co-facilitated by Shauna DeGuire, MA -International Expressive Arts Therapist and Emily Frost, Stepping Stones Project – Marketing Outreach Manager and are appropriate for families and all age groups. For more info, please visit

KATHRYN ROSZAK’S DANSE LUMIÉRE creates a site-specific setting of dances with nature from repertory inspired by the river’s flow, by the spiraling music of the pinecone, and by the poetry of the late Swedish Nobel Prize-winning poet Tomas Tranströmer. For more info, please visit
OAKLAND IMPROV COLLECTIVE will perform a dramatic improvisation dance at multiple locations throughout the Stream Trail. The vision behind this performance is to authentically respond to the environment, which includes other performers and even audience members as they are encountered. For more info, please visit
ON 3 DANCE COMPANY is a small grass roots dance company that utilizes the theatrical fusion of modern technique and hip hop to tell stories about ordinary people. This piece (“Harm Me Not”) was inspired by trees, with the hope of sharing the importance of sustainability and respect for our earth and all of her creatures.  By incorporating live music and movement grounded in story telling we will be sharing our interpretation of the “The Prayer of the Trees”. For more info, please visit 
quantumQUANTUM MARTIAL ARTS focuses on teaching martial arts as an art. Within that, the student will find not only practical self-defense, but body conditioning, self-confidence, self-discipline, flexibility, endurance, body awareness, coordination, balance, and focus. Quantum is designed as a healing center with the martial arts as its heartbeat. More info:
 RAGGED WING ENSEMBLE’s mission is to catalyze a deep cultural shift where artistic action is at the center of vital social change. We aim to connect artists and audiences through the ritual of live performance, exploring universal questions that span the ancient and contemporary. We engage in the study and practice of Ensemble, collaboratively creating new, interdisciplinary works and activating the next generation of artistically engaged citizens. For more info, please visit
 SOUL SANCTUARY DANCE performers will share a moving piece relating to expanding consciousness and awareness, demonstrating interconnection with all, including self, others, and nature. This piece will facilitate audience interaction with an invitation to join in at the finale of the performance. Our piece will include individual, pair, and group dancing, initially moving independently and gradually connecting with one another until dancing as a whole. For more info, please visit
 stickyartlabSTICKY ART LAB wants to bring out the happy craftsperson in all of us by offering the freedom to choose from a variety of exciting reuse materials. Our goal is to use as much reuse materials as possible, and not create too much trash. We collect and curate what is on our shelves so that you have the most awesome and exciting materials right at your fingertips. There is no right answer. We are here to help. Let yourself be guided by your own creativity! For more info, please visit
 WHOLLY H2O, in partnership with Samavesha, will create a rich experience called the Wholly H2O Grove in which there will be a community opportunity to partake in a multifaceted experience with water, the most mysterious, complex, and fundamental element on Earth. There will be music, painting, functional or provocative sculpture, poetry, stories, lectures, and performances to add to our offerings of and for water. This interaction with water will be an artistic, educational, and enlightening experience that will connect individuals to natural resources during the scarcity of the ongoing drought. For more info about Wholly H2O, please visit