Art Companies 2014

AthleticPlayGround_LogoATHLETIC PLAYGROUND brightens up the East Bay with creative and fun group classes and a community-oriented, dynamic playspace. Offering Parkour, Aerials, AcroYoga, Hooping, Monkey Conditioning, Handstands, Acrobatics, Open Play, and more! More info:


berkeley-box-worksBERKELEY BOX WORKS. From Kavin Cloud: “Berkeley Box Works started in July, 2006, sharing a workbench with Caswell Harps, in the 6000 s.f. cooperative facility at Heinz Street Woodworking, located in the Berkeley Arts Complex in South Berkeley. At this beautifully-equipped and spacious shop, the “brain bank” of our woodworking co-tenants helped us to perfect each detail. Working as production manager for master harp-maker, Chris Caswell, I have nurtured a sense of practical innovation in applied luthier. As a lifelong woodsmith and working musician, I bring the spirit of an engineer and an artist to the mission of developing and building top-quality instruments. From the basic box to the top-end professional models, our cajons are built and finished on-site to a standard of craft that gives us pride in our work and its benefit to our clients. Credit is due to the artists and instrument makers who have created this wonderful instrument’s tradition. I am also grateful to the many fine drummers and luthiers who have been so generous with their advice and input, especially Tobias RobersonQuique DiazJohn Martin lllJeni Swerdlow, and the great Peruvian Maestro de Cajon, Lalo Izquierdo. As a result of their collaboration, you cannot purchase a better cajon than a Berkeley Box.” More info:


CHABOT SPACE & SCIENCE CENTER is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit interactive science center whose mission is to inspire and educate students of all ages about Planet Earth and the Universe. Located in the Oakland hills, the Center focuses on the earth, life, physical and astronomical sciences, with a 130-year legacy of serving Bay Area communities through exhibits, public programs, school field trips, science camps, teacher training, teen development programs and community outreach; hosts 50,000 students on school field trips and over 117,000 public visitors each year; and offers over 20,000 sq ft of interactive exhibits on a variety of space and science subjects, a world-class planetarium, school classes on over 30 different science topics, hands-on science activities, state-of-the-art classrooms and labs and publicly-available research-level telescopes. More info:


droppedImage_1DESTINY (De-Escalation Skills Training Inspiring Nonviolence in Youth) ARTS CENTER exists to end isolation, prejudice and violence in the lives of young people. When Destiny has succeeded in its work, young people will value themselves and others – ever mindful of the ways their words, actions, and attitudes affect their communities, as well as the world. They will: respond rather than react to situations; teach and practice love rather than violence; honor people from different backgrounds and experiences equally. More info:


cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-butoh-earth-child-1024x52711-e1363928591790EARTH CHILD BUTOH. Earth Child:The body made out same material of our Earth. A light thread through the body from the center of the Earth toward to outer space. A flower starts blooming on your chest. By the fragrance of the flower, you wake up. on your innocent eyes, things are reflecting as your own self. The Story of Earthchild project began as 3 male Butoh dancers Ronny Baker, Luku Netherthot & Armando Davila sprouted here at Subterranean Arthouse in 2008 under the school of TAMANO-HIJIKATA Butoh method. Since their first Butoh project years ago these 3 young dancers have studied hard by competing with each other. Competing into collaboration the next project has been born. More info:


oaklandimprovOAKLAND IMPROV COLLECTIVE was founded by Tania Lisa Llambelis and Darcie Luce, performing artists with extensive experience in theatre and dance. The Oakland Improv Collective is dedicated to: Increasing community access to the performing arts by performing in unconventional venues and environments. Encouraging an interactive audience experience in which the audience members themselves are integral to the performance. More info:




QUANTUM MARTIAL ARTS focuses on teaching martial arts as an art. Within that, the student will find not only practical self-defense, but body conditioning, self-confidence, self-discipline, flexibility, endurance, body awareness, coordination, balance, and focus. Quantum is designed as a healing center with the martial arts as its heartbeat. More info:


RIPPLES EDGE MEDIA is a digital m1408893491284 copyedia firm in the San Francisco Bay area that helps social entrepreneurs and non-profits harness the power of video & social media to maximize their impacts online. We work with videographers in every city in the U.S., which means we can produce compelling narratives no matter where you are located. Ripples Edge Media specializes in video production with crowdfunding and social media specialties. Founded by Creative Director, Christine Beggs, in 2011, Ripples Edge Media works with a wide range of organizations, individuals and social enterprises on Kickstarter videos and IndieGoGo campaigns. We’re on a mission to ensure every non-profit & creative entrepreneur harnesses new technologies for social good. More info:


logo samavesha 2013SAMAVESHA Samavesha is a multidisciplinary arts organization that brings performing art events to the community, explores the intersection of traditional art forms with contemporary artistic languages, and creates awareness of the vital importance of creativity and art in human lives as a source of a healthy living. Samavesha produces accessible, interactive, educational, and fully immersive artistic experiences for the public. Often taking place in nature sites and bridging traditional and contemporary art forms from around the world, our work fosters dialogue and builds community around art, environment, music, as well as cultural preservation. More info:


WEADWEAD_logo_horiz_color – Women Environmental Artists Directory. Mission Statement: Focusing on women’s unique perspectives we collaborate internationally to further the field and understanding of ecological and social justice art. Purpose: -To provide information regarding the ecoart and social justice art fields to artists, curators, writers, art and public art administrators, educators in art and ecology, cross-disciplinary professionals and others. -To facilitate international networking among artists working with ecological and social justice issues. -To further the fields of, and the understanding of environmental and social justice art. More info: