Dancers 2014

ANNIKA NONHEBEL PRESLEY annika-150x150originally from the Netherlands, has been working for AXIS Dance Company as the Education Director of the Education and Outreach Program Dance Access & Dance Access/KIDS! since 2007. She manages and trains teaching artists; teaches Physically Integrated Creative Dance to grades K-12; provides professional development trainings, and coordinates local and national performances. Additionally, she works as booking coordinator, grant writer, social media specialist, and web/video developer. Her rich professional background also includes research in Dutch Language and Literature, sign languages, and committee/board involvement. More info:


JupiterHollyShaw25HOLLY SHAW is a San Francisco Bay Area dancer and choreographer who has performed as a soloist with Yaelisa and Caminos Flamencos off and on for several years. Shaw is also the creator of the Eve’s Elixir project, a platform for artists of contemporary world dance wanting to bring new ideas to traditional dance forms, and has produced several shows and taught dance classes and workshops nationwide. Her flow between contemporary modern dance, flamenco and Middle-eastern styles makes her a unique choreographer. Shaw has spent years training dancers in technique and improvisation, challenging them to dance from a deeper level and uncover their unique style. Currently she is in the midst of a blog and video project called 365Dances, a challenge to create a different dance every day for an entire year. More info:


Karl Cronin in the treesKARL CRONIN is a choreographer, composer and arts manager. Karl grew up in the central plains of Colorado and Texas, performing in community theater in Denver, and studying dance and theater at the Rider High School for the Performing Arts in Wichita Falls, Texas. He received his undergraduate music degree from Boston College, where he studied chamber music and performed as a ‘cellist with the Boston College Chamber Music Society, New Philharmonia, and Newton Symphony. Following graduation he spent two years studying the effects of music on brain development at Harvard Medical School before launching headlong into composing music and making dances. Karl danced as a member of the Danny McCusker Dance Company in Boston, and from 2005-2007 studied contemporary dance at the Merce Cunningham School. He has received choreography fellowships from Movement Research and the Interdisciplinary Lab for Art, Nature, and Dance, and has studied composition with Deborah Hay, Tere O’Conner, and JoAnna Mendl Shaw. More info:


tamano2_432 KOICHI and HIROKO TAMANO. Born near Mt. Fuji in Japan, Koichi Tamano studied under butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata for 10 years.  He, alongside his wife Hiroko Tamano, danced in Hijakata’s company throughout the ’60s and ’70s in Tokyo.  Koichi arrived to San Francisco in 1976, with a group of contemporary fine artists for the San Francisco Art Exhibition “Japan Now”, introducing the avant guard art of butoh to American audiences for the first time.  Drawn to the Bay Area’s bohemian ideals and artistic innovation, Koichi and Hiroko Tamano relocated to Berkeley in 1979 and formed the Harupin-Ha Butoh Dance Company. They performed in exhibitions at SF MOMA and worked on several Broadway shows. In the years that followed, the Tamanos collaborated with local and world-renowned artists alike—performing throughout Japan, France, Germany, Mexico and the United States at venues including Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Theater Artaud, and the San Francisco Butoh Festivals. The opening of the Subterranean Arthouse in 2009 marked a new chapter for the Tamanos and now serves as Harupin-Ha’s permanent base.  It has provided a unique space to both grow as a company and preserve the rich history of Butoh in the heart of downtown Berkeley. More info:


1318880862LINDSAY REICH – Born with the instinct to dance, Lindsay continuously explores the possibilities for movement.  She has found endless inspiration in the natural environment, inspired by the movement visualizations of Gaga, the Cosmic Body Practice of Nana Shinefclug, and the Life/Art Process of Anna Halprin. Currently, she resides in the Marin Headlands working as a naturalist for the Point Bonita YMCA, leading children and adults on nature hikes to increase sensory awareness and connection to the natural environment.  She is grateful to be immersed in the creative process and to perform her latest work entitled (re)construct at the Art in Nature festival 2014. More info:


unnamed-2PATRICIA BULITT is a dancer, interdisciplinary artist and dance ethnographer ( especially of Alaskan Eskimo Dance and bay area cultural dance artists). A resident of Berkeley, Patricia’s solo work has toured throughout US, Japan, Canada, and New Zealand. Wining numerous grants and awards from such institutions as National Endowment for the Arts, ( A Choreography Fellowship), California Arts Council grantee, Alaska Humanities Forum, UCLA, Graduate School of Dance, and artist fellowship from Traditional Theatre Workshop in Kyoto, Japan. Honoring nature by making many site specific dances in such locations as in the waters of Strawberry and Codornices Creeks, for a tree at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, on the historic ANZAC Bridge in New Zealand, for the Egrets at Audubon Canyon Ranch, for the drying marshland at Coyote Hills Regional Park, Fremont, for the birds at America’s first bird refuge, Lake Merritt. More info:


 was bornRonny NY times 2-200x300 in South Carolina in 1969.His first real exposure to physical movement was long distance running during high school. Around the same time, his cross country coach suggested he explore meditation and yoga, to help build physical, mental, and spiritual stamina and focus. Then, after a period of transiency, he started performing in the streets, cafes, and clubs of Atlanta, Georgia, around 1993. This was usually in various collaborations with other artists. Around 1995, he started training static trapeze, Spanish web, hand-balancing and some contortion with a circus community in Atlanta (several collaborations). In 1999, after traveling to California; he studied capoeira with Mestre Accordeon (Bira Almeida) for one year. At the same time, he met Tamano Koichi and Tamano Hiroko. He began studying Butoh around 2000, and has continued this training until the present (being in involved in numerous training series with several ‘masters, ‘and many collaborations with many artists). Starting 2009/2010, he began ballet training at ODC Ballet (Augusta Moore and Marisa Castillo), and more currently with Monique Goldwater. Earthchild is his newest commitment… More info: