Request for Proposal

East Bay Regional Park District and Samavesha Present

(Redwood Regional Park, Oakland)

Sponsored by Regional Parks Foundation and Kaiser Permanente

Sunday September 20, 2015 – 11am to 5pm

Artist Request for Proposal

Art in Nature brings together 200+ artists from various disciplines to create a full immersion into art and nature. Artists are invited to send proposals for temporary site-specific installations, interactive activities, productions, and other expressions of art that reflect the aim of the event. Works that include active art making, performance, or other interactive features are especially sought out. Please look at the website with its many photos, videos, and the Festival map for a better understanding.

Art in Nature features site-specific works and performances among the meadows and redwoods of the Park. Furthermore, the event highlights artists presenting their work, as well as revealing their creative processes and techniques, ultimately providing unique insights into the artistic process (the nature of art).

Art in Nature is designed to nurture positive connections in our communities and with our natural world. The public is invited to move through the presentations and to watch, listen, touch and/or participate in the arts exhibits presented. These activities will be on a set schedule and/or will be ongoing, facilitating a flow based on people’s interests. Events include storytelling, watching artists create their craft, dance, music, martial arts, circus, theater, activities particularly suited for children of various ages, and other expressions of art. This event provides the opportunity to connect, interact, and collaborate with all the artists involved and the anticipated 4,000+ participants.

The Artistic Production of Art in Nature is organized by Samavesha, an international multidisciplinary arts organization led by Executive Artistic Director Laura Inserra. Laura envisions the event as an offering to the community, art, and nature as a whole. The idea is that Art, as Nature, is one ‘body’ expressing itself in different forms through a creative process and as such, for one day, Art in Nature will re-create the wholeness of that ‘body’.

Timeline for submissions and artist selection: Proposals should be submitted as early as possible, as artists will be selected on a rolling basis until the targeted number of artists is reached or until 5 pm, Friday, June 12, 2015, whichever comes sooner. Artists will be notified by email by June 15, 2015.

Artist honorarium: For the 2015 event, we are happy to announce that we have secured the funds to be able to pay participating artists an honorarium. While it is not nearly as much as we would like to pay, it is a token of gratitude for your work. The honorarium will be calculated based on the size of your performing group and the sum total of participating artists, and it will be disbursed after the event. We are working to raise still more funds for artist payments, and in coming years our goal is to go beyond honoraria to compensate artists fairly for their work.

Orientation meetings on location: July 19 and August 9, 2015 11am – 2pm; Redwood Regional Park’s Stream Trail, Oakland, CA
All participating artists are required to attend one of the mandatory orientations at the park (July 19 or August 9). These meetings will allow everyone to orient to the Park, to deeply connect to the event’s vision, and to find artists to collaborate with.

Submission: Submit your proposal to the Executive Artistic Director Laura Inserra at and include:

  • Primary contact name, email, mailing address, and phone number.
  • Artist or group name as you would like it to appear on all event materials.
  • Artist or organization name to be used as payee for honorarium check.
  • Your nationality/origins.
  • Number of participants in your group.
  • Title of your installation/performance/offering.
  • Estimated duration of your installation/performance/offering.
  • Size of work, space needed for your installation/performance.
  • One page maximum description of your installation/performance/offering (for interactive projects, include how you plan to engage audiences).
  • A short paragraph for the website describing your installation/performance (120 words maximum)
  • A short bio for the website (120 words maximum)
  • Supporting visual materials: 3 to 5 good-quality photographs or drawings (.jpg), short movies (.mov), or music samples (mp3).
  • Any website links to provide us a better understanding of your artwork, projects, previous works, or experiences.

Juror: Laura Inserra – Art in Nature’s Founder and Executive Artistic Director

Logistical Notes: Redwood Regional Park’s Stream Trail is a one mile long paved trail. Available sites are primarily open fields or wooded environments. Installations must be installed and dismantled on the same day by the artists while respecting the park environment and regulations. This is a ‘leave no trace event’. The audience includes children of all ages. Drinkable water is available, but electricity is not. Materials must be moved by cart or other non-powered means, unless special arrangements are made.  Artists are responsible for their own costs and transportation needs. Lunch will be provided.

Publicity / No vending: Participating artists will be listed on the event’s program and featured on the website, press release, and any other promotional material. Artists will be able to access images and videos produced by the Art in Nature media group. We encourage artists to distribute their own cards and informational materials. The event is non-commercialized, therefore there is no vending allowed.

Installation and Performance Notes:

  • Digging holes in the ground is allowed only by approval from the East Bay Regional Park District. Upon request, our Project Manager will ask for approval on your behalf.
  • Any objects tied to trees must prevent all damage to the bark. Only lightweight objects are allowed. No hanging of heavy objects on the trees.
  • Performers are not allowed to hang from the trees or to climb on them. Slack lines may be used if pre-approved for a specific pair of trees.
  • No electricity on site. No generators are allowed. This is an ‘un-plugged’ event.
  • No fire is allowed.
  • No major changes of the environment are allowed.
  • The event is off the grid – there is no cellular reception at the Park.

Additional informationPlease consider visiting the website for more information about Art in Nature. The 2014 material will should provide an idea of the event.


May the Art in Nature inspire your creativity!

The Samavesha Team