Organizing Group

Do you wanna be part of the Art in Nature Organizing Group?
Aside from the support on the day of the Festival, our team works year-round to make the event happen. No matter your skills or interests, there’s a way for you to participate in the creation and manifestation of the Festival, both at the event and leading up to it.

There are many ways to participate. All of our Committees (listed below) offer year-round opportunities. We are seeking people to join the crew of Core organizers, or our individual Organizing Committees. Each group meets approximately once a month for 2 hours, where various tasks are assigned to the members based on their level of involvement. And the magic happens…

Explore the various opportunities below, and pick one or more that best fits your interests. If you want to be a volunteer just the day of the festival, send us an email and we will be in touch with you


  • Laura Inserra – Co-Founder, Executive and Artistic Director
  • Claudia Anfuso – Co-Founder, Production Manager, Volunteer Manager
  • John Coveney – Co-Founder
  • Zach Pine – Community Development Manager
  • Madhavi Rathod – Marketing Communications Manager
  • Russell Ives
  • Summer Meyer
  • Rachel Evans – Festival Treasurer



  • Artists Selection
  • Programming (collect info from the artists, pictures, link, logos from sponsors, credits, map graphic, etc.)
  • Supplying info for the program, flier, and map to go to ‘Material Design and Production’ committee
  • Selecting and instructing Guardians of the 12 Festival theme areas
  • Planning the Museum Store (to create a benefit for the artists, they will each be allowed to place up to 5 pieces at the museum store during the festival. They will get 60-80% of the sale).
  • Finding photographers and videographers
  • Video Promo
  • Photo Selections


  • FUN-raiser events (house parties, auction, etc.)
  • Grant writing
  • Sponsors outreach (create outreach letter, prospectus with sponsor levels, update spreadsheet with possible sponsors, collect sponsor info, send them proposal, make sure money collected, etc.)
  • Community partners outreach
  • Private donors
  • Food donations – Green Room (Farmers Market, grocery stores, etc.)
  • ‘Thank You’ letters and tax-deductible receipt for donors
  • Merchandising (research ideas for pay in advance products)


  • Infrastructure
  • Volunteers (identify volunteer needs for the day-of and the pre-production, find volunteers to fill roles, collect names, organize job list, assign jobs, contact them with assignment to confirm, etc.)
  • Transportation (contract with the Shuttle Service, get permit and space from Merritt College, submit to the Park, create a map of the route, tickets for shuttle, etc.)
  • Camping coordinator


  • Map, program, and flier
  • Festival Locations Signs
  • Road Signs
  • Graphic Design (banner, hats, t-shirt, etc.)


  • Press Release
  • Advertising
  • Community Calendar Listings (collect info, post press release and graphics.)
  • Social Media Outreach and Posting (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Press, TV, Radio outreach


  • Green Room Manager
  • Welcome Desk
  • Sacred Fire Guardian
  • Recording Media (video, photo, audio)
  • Other volunteering tasks

Meet incredible people and develop a sense of accomplishment and belonging by making the Art in Nature Festival possible. If you are interested in joining, contact us at