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DONORS – 2014 (sorted by category and amount donated)

Helzel Family Foundation

Helena Foster

Summer & Scott Meyer
Ann Kendall
John Steere
Claudia Anfuso
Anne Shelton Crute
Anthony Toth-Fejel
Daniel James
David Gurin
David Pepper
Deborah Davis
Eleanor Shapiro
Elizabeth Johnson
Frank Thibodeau
Lori Hines
Lyn Talkovsky
Mara Chitayat
Meena Palaniappan
Phillip Garrison
Susan Schwartz
Valerie Chafograck
Timothy Earle
Diane Dew

Elinoar Almagor
Marco Sanchez
Martha Myhand
Ree Morrison
Sarah Kurtz
Adrian Bozzolo
Tara Kekaha
Bakari McCoy
Bonnie Hotz
Dara Roberts
Zak Timan
Anna Shneiderman
Elizabeth Nichols
Irene Rosenthal
Lisa Bullwinkel
Mary Roscoe
Pam Seidenman
Cherie Carson
Holly Shaw
Jason Miller
Rossana Alves
Steven Schwartz
Jan Herzog
Alan Tower
Jacqueline Lasahn
Jim Strand
Susan Ventura
Wowlvenn Seward-Katzmiller
Progressive Portal
Lisa Glicksman