Visual Artists 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAALLEGRA PULLEN. Anima Cosma performance, M.U.D. – Medicine of Unified Diversity, was originally a childrens dance theater piece; the idea was to have the art displayed by being worn on the body, each mask would be worn and outfitted, the archetype model in poetic movement using music from various cultures offering up its origins & mythologies from around the world or galaxy. For example the snake, phoenix or monkey would tell their story from Bali, South America, Africa, etc. and give its wisdom about the culture, then dance it, inviting the audience to join the archetype. All with intention of unifying culture and global knowledge around our being and creations in our animalistic and divine natures. In the end, the performers (gods and animals) and the audience (humans) circle up and move together for three minutes. 
 BAR SHACTERMAN – clay artist. “I am a sculptor. All my life I have been fascinated by materials: their hidden properties, their potential, and the unique way in which each material expresses its properties. For the last 10 years my primary media is clay. I am drawn to its unique combination of strength and fluidity. My interest in clay was originally inspired by traditional Japanese clay work. In many of the traditional works, I could feel the clay expressing itself. I like to modify my clay by mixing different kinds of clay and adding sand, rocks, paper or chips of wood – anything that works in the moment. This gives the clay more life and personality.” More info:
BRET ARENSON, in The Serenader, will perform an ongoing ecstatic movement and improvisational music piece. The main focus is finding a deep ecstatic state from which automatic, subconscious movements arise, both physically and vocally. To compliment this, Anderson will intermittently play an atonal two line improvisation on the guitar. For more info, please visit
 BRYAN ALBERSTAT has 8+ years of experience in professional photography. Client work ranges from Product, editorial, portraiture…etc. In addition, he lectures and teaches photography, digital workflow and printing. Bryan specializes in editorial and product photography, retouching and color-correction, and archival pigment printing. For more info, please visit
CAROLIN RECHBERG will install a painting performance in which the passing audience can join her in painting the large canvas suspended in-between surrounding trees, rendering a communal performance painting that will be completed at the end of the festival. Rechberg encourages individuals to paint as their heart desires inspired by our natural surrounding. Through her experience and ability to work quickly, Rechberg will create the equilibrium of the marks of the participants while guiding the evolving scape through her own. For more info, please visit 
 CarterCARTER BROOKS  ice sculptures. ‘The aesthetic loss of loosing the world’sThe aesthetic loss of loosing the world’s grand ice – be it tens of thousands of years old frozen water of glaciers, or the sea carved icebergs from their droppings – will be the thing I know I can’t stop, yet will witness, and lament, while I myself drift to rain before it is all gone. Which makes me wonder, while we all scramble to look out for civilization, “Who will cry for the ice?…” On the other hand, who cares? I’m not going to give you some crap about how the melting ice represents the melting glaciers of our planet and the effects of global warming. The ice is not melting to motivate you to get off your ass and buy a hybrid, change your light bulbs, or stop flying in airplanes. God, what a bore. Not to mention a burden our collective creative imagination.  It’s just cool to see how it melts. It’s fun. That’s all.’ More info:  
 Christina BerteaThere is something irresistible about vortexes, which naturally form when water is stirred rapidly. This interactive installation will give passersby the opportunity to stir water in a see-through vessel so that others can witness the vortex being created within the vessel. The goal is to see how deep the vortex can be made to extend down into the vessel. There will be accompanying signage about the use of vortexes historically, and reference to Viktor Schauberger’s ideas about the importance of vortex energy in the natural world. Christina Bertea was the first female apprentice in a plumbing union in CA; she now focuses on playful eco-art that sparks awareness about water while regularly lecturing and teaching hands-on workshops about greywater and rainwater re-use. For more info, please visit
 CLAUDIA ANFUSO, after attaining a BA in Psychology from Georgetown University (Washington DC), embarked upon a lifetime of exploration and studies in various subject matters such as meditation, yoga, tantra, and esoteric and spiritual sciences including Jyotia, Hasta Sāmudrika Śāstra, and Vāstu. It was through extensive studies with Dharma Bodhi that she developed a deep interest and attraction to the larger pattern of the cosmos that we are an iteration of. Jyotiṣa and Hasta and Vāstu were a natural evolution of my interests, and in 2006 I had the infinite blessing to meet and start studying with renowned Jyotiṣa master Hart de Fouw. Since then I have been studying the various branches of Jyotiṣa, Hasta Sāmudrika Śāstra, and Vāstu primarily under the tutelage of Hart de Fouw and through the Vedic Vidya Institute. The study of the energies of time and space contributes every day to my expansion as a human being.  It is a path for self-cultivation and self-discovery, whose fruit is the shining light of empathy and compassion. Furthermore, one of the joys of my life is to share this knowledge with others. For more info, please visit
 Eben Dodd’s Portrait Booth is open to all! Stop in for a free portrait… or just stop by to watch portraits being drawn. A portrait drawing takes about twenty minutes, and you will have an artwork to take home as a keepsake from the Redwoods! Dodd is an artist living and working in Alameda, CA. He has been exhibiting in the Bay Area since moving here in 1999. Eben’s portraits are available by commission, or at his Portrait Booth at occasional events. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design. For more info, please visit
 EBRPD presents Nature Journals and Nature Walks. These will be simple, beautiful, and rustic journals made out of recycled paper and cardstock, sticks, and one rubber band.  See the photos below.  We will pre-cut the paper and sticks and the public will get to put the journal together.  We will bring crayons and an assortment of leaves and other materials so that rubbings can be made inside of the journals.  Local leaves may also be used.  For general decoration of the journals we will provide colored pencils and markers.  We will try to inspire the makers of the journals to draw in them as they walk through the Art in Nature Festival. For more info, please visit
unnamed-2Dr. ELIZABETH DOUGHERTY is a mixed bag multimedia artist, engaged in “garbage collection and redistribution.” Before completing her Ph.D. in Folklore and Ethnography at the University of Pennsylvania in 2003, Elizabeth was a camera assistant in the Hollywood film business for many years.Now, when not educating Californians on the beauty of water conservation and reuse as director of Wholly H2O, Elizabeth is building functional art with light, water, metal, wood and bits of the natural world. She finds ongoing delight in transforming the detritus of the earth and its inhabitants into newly enlivened useful artifacts. Elizabeth’s three-dimensional art is diverse in materials and subject matter, but always points us back to connection with the earth. Her light-filled studio is at American Steel Studios in West Oakland, CA. For more info:
FRED GARVEY will again set up his Earth flags, flanking the entrance to our event, as well as his unusual artifacts at the Sacred Fire, at the very end of the trail. As a designer and builder of portable green energy devices, he will exhibit his clock-driven sun-tracking solar panel, as well as his wind generator, both made of varnished wood. Fred’s eclectic interests range from cross-continental bicycle touring, to alpine mountaineering, to silkscreen printing, to photography, to building radio control model aircraft (flown via video goggles), to outdoor event sound systems. After serving 3 years as a Sergeant and a Ranger in the US Army, Fred went on to attain a BS Degree in Industrial Arts (concentration in graphics) from Appalachian State University. But looking back, at age 63, his proudest accomplishment was raising two children, both now out of college, with his wife of 30 years. Always the community activist, Fred presently serves as Committee Chair with Troop 222, Trail Life USA. For more info please visit
GLORIA VILCHEZ is a portrait photographer and event photographer from Oakland, California. She received her B.A in Digital Graphics from CSU East Bay and specializes in outdoor scene portraits. For more info, please visit
 Yosemite'06-185edJAMES WHEATON, a nonprofit leader in environmental and free speech causes, Oakland lawyer, and UC Berkeley and Stanford teacher, will present photos of water, as subject, as reflection. Water, in motion, in life, reminding us that everything we are comes from water, and it is more necessary to our lives than anything else but air. “If there is magician this planet, it is contained water.” – Loren Elsley. More info:
 John C GoatRockBeach09JOHN COVENEY  has been bringing together people to connect and play in nature all his life. From celebrating the solstices and equinoxes by creating medicine wheels with the Wakwa Society for more nearly a decade, to most recently teaching labyrinth making on the tide exposed sands of a local beach. He has helped put on the Green Music Network’s Cave Concert Series for several years as crew, stage manager, and lighting designer, most recently with Samavesha to create Hang Rhapsody. For more info, please visit
 JULIET MEVI will paint California in Place or in “Plein Air” using acrylics and oils.  Feel free to observe, ask questions and try your own hand at painting in nature with acrylics on canvas, board or paper. There will be an additional easel with canvas and a light sketch for audience members to finish. For more info, please visit
 LISA SCHENKELBERG is a ceramic artist who resides and creates in Pacifica, California. She has a deep reverence for the elemental qualities of clay, and experiences her engagement with this medium as a powerful way to relate with Nature. Join her in this interactive, experiential group offering where you will be invited to connect deeply with the many varied forms of Nature through the use of clay. Within a facilitated group setting and through guided exercises you will be supported to explore your relationship with yourself, with your fellow group participants, and with the surrounding environment. This offering will include a presentation by the artist facilitator, experiential exercises, quiet solo time creating with the clay, and time for group sharing. Through this lively and co-creative process, you will come away with an embodied experience of connection with Nature and whatever you create with the clay is yours to keep as a symbol of that connection. For additional examples of Lisa’s work, please visit
 MICHELLE WILSON presents Upstream, a sculpture inspired by the native rainbow trout of Redwood Creek. This creek has enormous environmental significance: the rainbow trout native to its waters have been crossbred with other struggling trout populations throughout the US. The endemic trout are a genetically pure population that under critical study in order to reveal new understandings about trout populations. With California’s extreme drought, this fragile and significant population is currently at risk. Suspended from trees, these cast paper sculptures invites viewers to consider the importance, fragility and threats to this population and to all of California’s native fish. For more info, please visit
 RACHEL M. KNUDSON imagined the Sticky Art Lab years ago, as her first baby was born. She wanted a place in the community to nourish her own artistic side, and work together on creative projects with her growing child. A place to explore natural and recycled materials. With a background in the arts, language, education, and environmental justice, she brings a fresh perspective to the manipulation of materials, texture, color, and give special attention to work that makes a difference for the planet. When caregivers work with children, it’s an opportunity for them to solve problems together, to ask questions, and to see the world through each others’ eyes. For more info, please visit
 RAHELEH MINOOSH ZOMORODINIA‘s work will include suspending 30 long cylindrical objects from trees vertically. The idea behind this work is to create a creative, open space to invite the audiences to interact with nature. This art work aims to bring awareness to public of consumption. For more info, please visit
 RICHARD K. BACON presents The Earth Blessing with the intention to create an interactive sculpture incorporating the sacred geometry symbol, the Flower of Life, as a container for learning and self-expression in Nature. The installation includes a large suspended spinning mandala of 15 interlocking hoops. Several banquet tables filled with art supplies allow visitors to write, draw, or paint a blessing to Mother Earth on separate leaves of paper that are then tied to Flower representing our collective hopes, fears and wishes for the World’s future well-being. The community Earth Blessing sculptural installation encourages self-expression, community co-creativity, education of sacred geometry, ecological awareness, and healing of eco-anxiety. The Earth Blessing sculpture was first created and introduced at the Art In Nature Festival five years ago and has grown into a community tradition at many local festivals, fairs, art galleries and private events. For more info, please visit 
 TAKAKO MATOBA presents Glass Rain, a work made from broken window pieces collected from Mare Island.  Compared to many parts of the Bay Area which are going through rapid gentrification, buildings on the Island seem to never change. Glass window pieces are hung in a 5-7-5-7-7 pattern, resembling renga, an old form of Japanese poetry in which multiple poets collaboratively constructed a poem by responding to previous verses.  Audience members are invited to walk through and around the work and listen to the sound of glass fragments in the gentle wind. For more info, please visit
 VERY FAIRY EVENTS invites all to come play with fairies Harmony & Sparkle in their natural habitat! Audience members will be decorated as their favorite animal or nature element, then invited into the Very Fairy Power Circle for interactive expression of that animal and/or element. Through guided music, movement & meditative experiences- the goal is to inspire and naturally bring out innate imagination. For more info, please visit

20150601_145052_resizedVICKI MYERS presents The Path, a collaborative project that includes audience members participating in molding and forming the work. Artist Vicki Myers will add additional elements, such as sounds and scents, to the work space in order to create a fully dimensional, sensory experience.

 VICTORIA CHONG DER, JENNIFER LING, and DELLA WATSON.What is natureʼs story?” Artistic constructions such as a theaterʼs stage or a paintingʼs frame help viewers to interpret action and image through the directed lenses of storytelling and creation. By placing temporary, site-specific framed stages in a natural setting, Della Watson, Victoria Chong Der, and Jennifer Ling invite natureʼs “audience” to imagine the drama or comedy of a treeʼs life while asking individuals to consider the character of a blade of grass or a flower in order to see a natural landscape through a lens typically reserved for museums and theaters. Reply cards will be provided for viewers to record their experiences and to tell natureʼs story in their own words. Viewers will be asked “Is this a drama?” and “Is this a comedy?”. Additional collaborators include: Fayette Fox, Sarah Mullinax Schaadt, Tyler Thompson, Jeff Bellucci, Tyson Miklebost, and Simone Leask. For more info, please visit
Zach-PineZACH PINE – environmental art. “Using materials from nature, I create ephemeral abstract sculptures. Some of my work is made solo, but the majority of my art involves others, in the tradition of social sculpture. Healing, seeking balance, valuing interdependence, and accepting uncertainty and impermanence are important themes in my art and in my life. I host group art-making events and workshops, work in schools, provide training, and create participatory installations called Create-With-Nature Zones or Nature Sculpture Arenas. Collaboration with local environmentalists helps make my work responsive to local ecosystems and issues. Through group events, I aim to impart a sense of discovered knowledge, release creative energy, arouse a sense of delight in nature, convey the power of collective creative work, and inspire action on behalf of the environment.” For more info, please visit