Rose Labyrinth Series

Rose Labyrinth Series

The Rose Labyrinth Series is held at a beautiful and sonic wooden room that is home to a sacred labyrinth. In this exceptional space, called Rose Labyrinth and located in Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto, Samavesha hosts concerts, dance productions, and various workshop by a vast array of talented local and international artists. Rose Labyrinth Series is also a perfect occasion to have a nice dinner in the Berkeley Gourmet Ghetto and than enjoy a show.

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Rose Labyrinth – 2138 Cedar Street, Berkeley 94708 (1 mile walk from Downtown Berkeley BART & in the middle of the Gourmet Ghetto!)

Below some upcoming events but please visit the calendar for a more updated version.

The first concert at the Rose Labyrinth – Hearken Music with Laura Inserra, Cornelius Boots & Mark Deutsch



March 19th – Eastern Armenian music Sayat Nvaq Ensemble

April 2nd – both an instrument and an environment A Samalan Concert Experience

April 28th – multi-instrumentalist Laura Inserra: Deep Listening Concert

June 2nd – Inner Landscapes Concert with Laura Inserra and Tbird Luv

June 23rd – Taluna – Italian New Roots

Program 2015


June 22nd – multi-instrumentlist Chad Wilkins: Releasing the Spirit, Unlocking the Heart

June 25th – harpist, singer, and songwriter María José Montijo: Esotérica Tropical

July 2nd – multi-instrumentlist Laura Inserra: Deep Listening Concert

July 18th – singer-songwriter and pianist Adey

July 23th – lips and reeds Stephen Kent & Beth Custer – The Trance Mission Duo

July 30th – vocally driven folk band T Sisters

August 15th – solo Bazantar concert by Mark Deutsch

August 22nd – singer-songwriter and pianist Adey

August 29th – Resonance Camp 5 with Kevin Cloud, Diana Rowan, Briana di Mara, and friends.

September 11th – The Elements

September 24th – Sacred Fool Trio Concert

October 1st – Gift Exchange of Dance: A California Dancer’s Exchange with the Eskimos in Alaska (1977-2013) by Patricia Bulitt

October 17th – Laura Inserra: Deep Listening Concert

October 22nd: Francesca Genco and Guest Musicians

October 29th – AlphaBeth – Laura Inserra & Barbara Eramo in Concert

November 7th – JouJou and Friends: International Folk A Capella Group


July 11th – The Deeper Lab Flamenco Intensive: Creating Your Flamenco Story with Holly Shaw

August 1st – Get Your Act Together! From Practice to Performance to Promotion  A workshop by Rebecca Boblak, Diana Rowan, and Holly Shaw

Mondays, October 5, 12, 19 & 26 – Singing the Body into Being with Francesca Genco